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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care Membership

Discover a new standard of healthcare with the Direct Primary Care membership option. I offer a comprehensive approach to medical services, providing you with direct access to myself, phone and text (expect a response same day), and through telemedicine, when appropriate, or in-person visits, often available as soon as the same or next day. My commitment to your well-being extends beyond conventional services, covering a wide range of medical needs, including those explicitly listed here and those detailed in Appendix A of the Member Agreement. With the Direct Primary Care membership, I aim to provide you with convenient, personalized, and timely healthcare solutions, ensuring you receive the quality care you deserve. In general, HSA/FSA debit accounts are accepted, however, for good measure you should check with your account administrator to ensure these services are eligible under their rules.

Cost of Direct Primary Care Membership

Registration fee

  • $50/individual with a family maximum registration fee of $150

Monthly fee - only for those not enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE/CHAMPUS/CHAMPVA, Veterans Administration, and the Indian Health Service.

  • Age 0-17 $50/month

  • Age18-64 $75/month

  • Age 65 and over $110/month.

  • 10% Discount if paid in full 1 year in advance, 5% discount if paid 6 months in advance.

Family Discount

  • Monthly Fee is discounted by $10 per additional person, for example

    • 2 adults $130/month

    • 1 adult and 1 child $110/month

    • 2 adults and 2 children $200/month

    • All additional children after this are an $30/month

Office administered medications and procedures

There are many times a patient can benefit from treatment at the time of a visit such as a breathing treatment (nebulized medication) for wheezing, IV fluids for an episode of dehydration, IV or intramuscular injection of antibiotics or steroids for an infection or inflammatory reaction/condition to name a few.

Pricing is available upon request and does change based on cost of supply. For DPC members there is a discount on these services included in price quoted. Payment for these services are due at the time of the visit.

  • Medications currently in office
  • IV Saline, Lactated Ringers, Dextrose

  • Antibiotic (Ceftriaxone)

  • Nausea Medication (Ondansetron and Prochlorperazine)

  • Steroid (Dexamethasone)

  • Antihistamine (Famotidine, diphenhydramine)

  • Nebulizer (Albuterol and Ipratropium)

  • Anti-inflammatory pain medication (Ketorolac/Toradol on backorder but coming)

  • Immunizations

  • Currently unable to keep stock of immunizations due to cost and short expiration periods, as the practice grows this is something we hope to be able to offer. In the mean time, local pharmacies can service most immunization needs and when a child is too young for a local pharmacy, the Waco/McLennan County Health Department is the best option and most affordable overall.

Non-member Services

I do offer services to non members. There is no direct access after the visit(s) arranged however I will follow up and provide results of ordered tests and offer a prescription when appropriate based on outcome of the visit(s)

  • Single initial visit for a Non-member is $125 and does not include cost of supplies, medications, tests, etc.

  • ER/Urgent Care Follow-up is $175 and includes an initial visit after an ER or Urgent care visit plus 1 additional follow up appointment with me within 7 days after the first. See ER/Urgent Care Follow-up agreement form for more details.

A Special Note Regarding Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE/CHAMPUS/CHAMPVA, Veterans Administration, and the Indian Health Service

Unfortunately due to federal regulations I am unable to serve patients who currently are enrolled in a federally funded program such as but limited to these: Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE/CHAMPUS/CHAMPVA, Veterans Administration, and the Indian Health Service. I am currently still opted into these programs while working occasionally in the ER's locally and until I can fully opt-out of these programs in those settings I'm unable enroll these beneficiaries.